PickUp Music Festival

Četvrto izdanje PickUp Music Festivala bit će najveće do sada, a kao i prošle godine održat će se u sklopu bogatog popratnog programa Foto dana mladih. Prvu večer otvorit će dugoreški bend March or Die i zagrebačKI Mr. Albino, atmosferu će zagrijati karlovački Tight Grips, a vrhunac večeri očekuje se uz popularne LET3. Drugu večer prvi puta u Karlovcu u sklopu PickUp Music Festivala nastupaju i izvrsni Jinxi! Ulaznice su u pretprodaji u KAtravelu (Gundulićeva 3, na Korzu) po dnevnoj cijeni od 50kn, a festivalska ulaznica iznosit će samo 80kn.

PickUp Music Festival već se četvrti put odvija u gradu na četiri rijeke u sklopu manifestacije Foto dani mladih, a ove godine ima ima definitivno najsadržajniji glazbeni program. Nakon prve večeri u kojoj će posjetitelji na Starom gradu Dubovcu imati priliku slušati dugoreški bend March or Die, zagrebački Mr. Albino, karlovački Tight Grips, i popularne LET3. Drugu će večer zagrijati riječki funk/rock bend Silk Milk, Ogenj iz Koprivnice, zagrebački 4Head te Double D Acoustics. Za glazbeni spektakl druge večeri Pick Up Music Festivala pobrinut će se Jinxi, kojima će ovo biti prvi glazbeni nastup u Karlovcu u bogatoj dvadesetogodišnjoj karijeri!


1st night



March ör Die is a Motörhead tribute band formed in 2016. The main reason for forming the band is the vocal ability of singer Martin Brozović (Api) who vocally reminds of the late legendary frontman and singer, Lemmy Kilmister. Additional motivation for playing Motörhead is in the love for rock ‘n’ roll music legacy of the great Kilmister and his band Motörhead. Until now they’ve played in the Zagreb club Route 66, and presented themselves to the Karlovac audience at the ArtiKA festival.


Mr. Albino is a four-member zagreb alter rock band. They find their inspiration for their selfproclaimed “outlaw rock” sound in various spheres of music and art and as such they bring something new to the scene. They’ve already had a huge number of performances throughout the region and recently they issued a new EP of the same name. What sets them apart from other bands are energy-packed live performances and special attention they pay to the audience. It should be noted that Mr. Albino has won the Croatian Music Festival (CMF) in 2015. But for themselves they say that their ambitions reach beyond the borders of Croatia.


Tight Grips is a rock band from Karlovac formed in the summer of 2014. This trio began its journey in the studio, recording their first demo album. Soon after they started performing all over Croatia and other European countries. In the summer of 2015, Tight Grips have created their first album which they published in January 2016. Their first album “Storyline” has received excellent criticism from many music critics, while a confirmation of that criticism was confirmed at the 20th Croatian Music Festival. Thus the Karlovac trio won the award for the best demo band in the season of 2015/2016. Thanks to recent performances in the UK where they presented themselves at the Lechlade Festival, as well as at other respectable festivals in the region. They are currently promoting their actual album “Storyline”.


2nd night

Silk Milk is an instrumental, progressive funk/rock band from Rijeka. This four-member band was formed in 2014, and their members are Luka Cargonja, Ivo Sekso, Goran Glusac and Marko Stalekar. So far they’ve created for singles that show their enviable musical background and knowledge.

Ogenj is a folk/rock band from Koprivnica formed in 2015 as a wish to create happy songs that celebrate life and everything around it. Composed of music enthusiasts who have played in many alternative bands for the past years. Ogenj creates music that is a mixture of rock ‘n’ roll and punk, while everything is enriched with kajkavian lyricism. Their particularities are dancy and contagious songs in the kajkavian dialect. The acoustic band is mostly the rythm section, bass and drums, as well as tamburica. With tune melodies of a guitar, they give another dimension to ethno/folk/pop music. They have also releaed an EP called “Jos je rano” published in 2016, while they describe their performances as very energetic.

4head is a rock cover band formed in 2014 led by the female vocalist Dinka Radonic. The band consists of: giutar, bass, drums, trumpets and saxophone. 4head deals with unpublished local pop hits, as well as those world MTV hits that create a great atmosphere at every show. All of the band members have a very long musical experience.

One Big Mob is a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band, formed in 2016 in Cakovec. The purpose of this band is to faithfully represent the musical expression and energy of Red Hot Chili Peppers from their beginnings to present. Members of the band are: Ivan Modric (vocalist), Vanja Horvat (guitar), Bojan Krizan (bass), and Damir Salajic (drums). One Big Mob as a young tribute band have introduced themselves to the Zagreb audience at the famous Hard Place and Biker’s Beer Factory. So far they have had a large number of performances around Croatia, and they will be presenting themselves for the first time to the Karlovac audience at the PickUp Music Festival.