Rich exhibition and educational program at the 7th Youth Photo Week

This year’s edition of Youth Photo Week organizes as many as eight amazing photo exhibitions and an interesting educational program. From 8th to 15th of August, visitors can enjoy free exhibitions which will be placed at the Dr Franjo Tudman promenade, in Old Town Dubovac, the City museum and the ZILIK gallery. The prominent French photographer, Julien Duval, will be presenting his newest work, while Anne Eerdman will have her exhibition at the City museum. At Aquatika, visitors will be able to check out Dinko Neskusil’s exhibition with works from the 1930s, while at the ZILIK gallery, former Youth Photo Week contestants and now Academy of Drama Arts students will be exhibiting their work created during their time at the Academy in Zagreb. The educational program will contain several interesting lectures and debates which will be moderated by the prominent film critic Boško Picula.

Just before Youth Photo Week, at Old Town Dubovac on August 8th, Julien Duval’s exhibition called “Vision of Sounds” will be opened. From local venues to large European festivals, all photographs have a common motive, which is an emotion inspired by music. Julien Duval was born in France in 1984. He started his photographic journey in 2010 after graduating geography and decided to change his professional career. He worked as an official photographer at many festivals such as Tomorrowland (Belgium), Ultra Europe (Croatia), World Club Dome (Germany, South Korea), INmusic (Croatia), Bestival (England)…

From August 10th at the Dr Franjo Tudman promenade, there will be several exhibits placed so the Karlovac audience can experience the art of photography in a night ambient. Four exhibitions will be placed: City Lights by the young artist Théo Millet Ursin who will be presenting European cities, and Sound created as part of the Artika festival. Youth Photo Week 2016 and Best works from the past 7 years of Youth Photo Week are two additional exhibitions that will be placed at the promenade.

The exhibition from former Youth Photo Week contestants and current Academy of Drama Arts students will be placed in the ZILIK gallery and opened at 12:30 on August 11th. Four students from the Academy in Zagreb who have participated at Youth Photo Week in the past years will be presenting their latest work. Among the artists are 3 former Youth Photo Week winners – Lili Zaneta, Hanah Šoprek and Sara Filipa Delić who after winning Youth Photo Week went to enroll in the Filming department at the Academy of Drama Arts.

An interesting exhibition will be held in the City museum by the Dutch artist Anne Eerdman on the subject of “Struggles of being a woman”. It’s a series of self-portraits that show the everyday challenges of every woman. The ehixibiton is intented to be funny and all photographs are taken with a fisheye lens to enhance that. The opening of the exhibition will be on August 11th at 17h.

As part of the festival, it is already possible to see the exhibition by Dinko Neskusil “Summer on the river Korana”. An exhibition showing Karlovac beauties in swimsuits of the latest fashion on the Foginovo beach. The spirit of the summer months from the 1930s to the Second World War are perfectly represented in the photographs. The exhibition is placed at the freshwater aquarium Aquatika.

The educational program at Youth Photo Week is again constisted of several interesting lectures and debates. On August 11th at the Festival center at 16h, a lecture on how to organize youth festivals (now and then) will be held by Sanja Zanki, the former president of Kinoklub Karlovac, and today an employee in the Croatian Film Association. At the Festival center on August 12th at 16h, a debate will be held on how much does Instagram and other social networks affect the artistic value of photography which will be moderated by Boško Picula. The evergrowing popularity of social media resulted in a large number of photographs that are constantly published on social networks. How much does one’s popularity on Instagram or Snapchat mirror one’s artistic value and can a photograph created with a smartphone have an equal artistic value as that one created by a camera. Those questions will be answered by Youth Photo Week participants, but of course, all lectures and debates are opened to the interested public as well. The last day of the festival, on the 14th of August at the Festival Center at 13:30h Boris Štromar will hold a lecture on „Astrophotography“ as to interest young photographers in taking pictures of the night sky.