Organizing the fifth YPD we marked the first small jubilee. An important anniversary for a group of people who started the project as fifteen-year-olds. Five years of invaluable experiences and happiness, unforgettable moments, making dreams come true. Youth Photo Days were never an ordinary photography festival, it was always something much more. The driving force behind this manifestation are young people and their ideas. Youth Photo Days gather young people of the same age, same interests, dreams, knowledges and skills to change the world around them with art. Our role as organizers is to give them the right environment in order for them to fulfill that mission.

With the first Youth Photo Days, we headed down a path did not exist before, we found a way and we left a trail.
Filip Trezner, founder and manager


YPD 2015

Youth Photo Days 2015 moved back to the continent. Karlovac with its four river, beautiful nature and greenery, is perfect for capturing amazing photos.


YPD 2014

The 4th YPD took place on the coast again, in Pula.


YPD 2012

Youth Photo Days 2012 was held at Veli Losinj. Three days of hanging out, shooting photos and enjoying the sea.


YPD 2013

Photo gallery of YPD held in Zadar in 2013.


YPD 2011

It was the first year of YPD. Kutina was chosen, with greenery all around.