This year’s Photolab part of the Youth Photo Week program will, besides the introductory sessions for each individual competitional category, also contain numerous lectures and workshops as well as debates, all lead by experts in their fields.

Already for the first day of the festival, contestants will head to the first lecture on how to compete at Youth Photo Week. Some dos and don’ts will be included as well as how to best use their time during the festival to create winning photographs. On the same day, a separate DSLR filming workshop lead by Dinka Radonić will also take place in the Festival center where participants will learn all the theoreticals needed to continue to the practical part of the workshop.

On the morning of the second day, contestants have the first categorical introductory session on how to shoot advertising photography, while during the afternoon, there will be a session on how to organize youth festivals, and the DSLR workshop will continue its theoretical part of the program. On the third day, an introductory session on how to shoot touristic photography takes place in the Festival center, while Goran Vrakela will have an event photography lecture in the afternoon. The DSLR workshop begins its practical part of the education. How to shoot in the artistic category is the first thing in the morning that awaits young contestants, and this is the category where contestants have the most wiggle room. There are almost no rules, and they’re only given an apstract theme they should stick to. The DSLR filming workshop continues its work in the morning, while Boško Picula leads a photography debate for the participants. The last day of the festival is when contestants edit their photos in order to submit them by early afternoon. When the sun goes down, the big closing ceremony takes place at the city’s University’s atrium where the winner of the 7th edition of Youth Photo Week will be announced!