Movie Attachment is yet another year one of the main parts of Youth Photo Week

This year’s edition of Youth Photo Week, that will be held in Karlovac from 10th to 15th of August, will once again be followed by Movie Attachment program. As so, one of the top movies, the “Sing Street”, will be played on 13th of August in a park in front of the Edison cinema. The main idea of Movie Attachment is to bring together Film and Photographic Art by choosing the movie program aimed at youth.

Numerous nominations and awards testify to the success of this movie made by Irish director John Carney. Few of these awards are San Diego Critics Society Award for the Best Use of Music in a Film, Atlanta Film Critics Society Award and Nashville Film Festival Award for the best song “Drive Like You Stole It”. Irish Film and Television Awards have given this movie awards such as Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

This is a story about a middle-class family struggling with hard times during the economic crisis in the 80’s. Their son Connor (Ferida Walsh Peelo) will be forced to leave private school and start a new life in a public school in the Center of Dublin. There, He meets a beautiful girl and is immediately smitten by her. To get to see her, he says he is a band that needs a model for a music video. Would she be interested? She agrees. The only problem – he doesn’t have a band. He hastily forms one and creativity starts to flow.

„Sing Street in one word – irresistible! Incredibly amusing homage to music and passion that can open a path to a better life.” IndieWire
„As a dedication to a power of music, unbreakable bond of two brothers and to infinite possibilities of youth, the Sing Street is full of sincerity and immediacy.” Detroit News
“A beautiful movie that you watch with a smile on your face.” Arizona Republic
“Warm and amusing with music that makes you want to dance. It’s a “feel good” movie that has no intention of being likeable. But, it is so irresistible that you cannot say “no”. Washington Post

The entrance to Movie Attachment is free of charge.

Youth Photo Week – an international festival of photography that, during the years, has profiled itself as one of the biggest events for young photographers in Croatia. This is an exceptional project that promotes touristic potentials and wonders of Croatia through the Art of Photography. At the same time, it provides information to young photographers, educates them and bonds them with Croatian natural and cultural heritage and other forms of Art. Every year this festival is held in another city, and during its 6 years, it has visited Kutina, Veli Lošinj, Zadar, Pula and two times Karlovac. So far, more than 300 young photographers have participated in these programs.