About Youth Photo Week

YPW is a project that gathers young artists from all over the world the sixth year now, and provides them with a unique photography experience. The program includes a competitive and an educational program, and brings together a total of 80 participants (50 competitors, 30 participants of the educational program)

The project promotes photography as a form of art and gives the young photographers an opportunity to further familiarize themselves with it, show what they know, exchange experiences and learn something new. By shooting the natural and cultural heritage we promote the cultural identity of the hosting destination, and through photo advertising the youth is getting prepared for their future professional career.

An integral part of the program along with photography are numerous photo exhibitions, followed by an evening music and film program, and as part of the educational program are lectures, tranings, discussions, and workshops. The main and last part of the event which lasts for five days, where photographers compete for the title, a part of the project are also photo exhibitons around Croatia. Each year, travelling outdoor photo exhibitions visit several Croatian cities, and they showcase the best works of participants from previous years, thus the beauties of Pula, Zadar, Veli Losinj, Kutina and Karlovac are shown all around the country.

Impacts of participants


“I think my vocabulary is not comprehensive enough to express the enthusiasm for the whole event, all the people and the atmosphere. This is the best thing that happened to me and this event is an example of the things that enrich life.”

-Ana Šutej, Photographer, Pula 2014


“I highly recommend to all those who want a warmhearted team, lots of laughter, photography and entertainment to join us next year, because this was our little paradise!
-Jana Vukmanović, Photographer, Zadar/Pula 2013/2014


“An unforgettable experience that I will remember until I’m old! I can’t wait for next year. 
A big thank you to the organization and the whole team who really made that experience stay deeply etched in my heart.”
Matija Davidovic, Photographer, Pula 2014


“This is the most perfect thing that has ever happened to me… perfect team, shooting photos all day, I am thrilled and have nothing more to add!“
Jan Humski, Photographer Veli Losinj/Zadar/Pula 2012/2013/2014


“I did not come here to win, to me this is a win, the fact that I came here is a gift. This gathering was one of the most sincere fulfilled human needs for intimacy and closeness. Being in the same place where we are connected by the same love for photography is a unique and beautiful thing. And in every photo that was made I found a piece of your personal universe, and in that sense, I think that everyone here is a winner.”
David Andrić, Photographer, Pula 2014

YPD Programs


As future participants of the YPD, you will be able to participate in numerous workshops, lectures and forums, all involving top experts in their respective fields, where you will work on topics such as documentary photography, the future of digital photography, and DSLR shooting.


Movie Attachment

At FDM participants can also expect movie nights with the leading headlines of European cinema. This way photographers and visitors will not only enjoy the latest movie titles, but will recognize the undeniable relationship between cinema and the art of photography.


YPD Competition

This program, besides fun, provides the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and while creating photos the participants are competing for the winning title along with numerous awards. So far the competition involved more than 300 young photographers.


PickUp Music Festival

The new FDM music program gathers many famous solo artist as well as bands from all around the region.
 The festival takes place in the beautiful medieval fortress Old Town of Dubovac that provides the participants with an unforgettable experience.


YPD Exhibition Program

The program includes seven diverse and cutting-edge photo exhibitions held in Karlovac, although part of the program have also been traveling photo exhibitions which every year visit several cities across the region. The photos displayed are not only by successful photographers, but also by young aspiring authors.



The opening ceremony and the closing ceremony, but also all other follow-up activities will further enrich the content of the FDM as the program attracts many guests that will entertain the participants and visitors with their performances.