From August 8th to August 15th, visitors will be able to enjoy free exhibitions that will be set up on the Dr Franjo Tudman promenade, Old town Dubovac, the Karlovac city museum, and the ZILIK gallery. A renowned French photographer, Julien Duval, will have his exhibition at the Old town Dubovac, while at the city museum, Anne Eerdman will be presenting her work. In the Aquatika freshwater aquarium, Dinko Neskusil will be presenting pictures dating from the 1930s and 40s, Théo Millet Ursin’s exhibition will be placed at the promenade, while former Youth Photo Week participants (now students at the Academy of Dramatic Arts) will have their work presented at the ZILIK gallery.

Complete list of exhibitions:

  • Julien Duval – “Vision of Sounds” @2nd floor of Dubovac Castle
  • Anne Eerdman – “Struggles of Being a Woman” @City Museum Karlovac
  • Théo Millet Ursin – “City Lights” @Dr Franjo Tudman promenade
  • “Youth Photo Week 2016” @Dr Franjo Tudman promenade
  • Izložba fotografija studenata Akademije dramske umjetnosti
  • “Sound” of ArtiKA Festival @Dr Franjo Tudman promenade
  • Dinko Neskusil – “Summer on the river Korana” @Aquatika
  • “Mix of the best 7 years of Youth Photo Week” @Dr Franjo Tudman promenade


Vision of sounds is a retrospective of images captured during the past 4 years. From local venues in Croatia to renown festivals in Europe, these images represent a moment, an emotion inspired by one of the most universal thing: music. Julien Duval, born in 1984 in France. His journey to music photography started in 2010 when after graduating geography, Julien has decided to change his professional career. He applied in of a photography school in Paris and became professional photographer in 2013, with a special interest for festivals and concerts.Julien has been part of several festivals as official photographer such as Tomorrowland (Belgium), Ultra Europe (Croatia), World Club Dome (Germany, South Korea), INmusic (Croatia), Bestival (England)…


As the name says, it’s a series about woman struggles. I’ve made 9 self-portraits which all show a different struggle. I wanted the series to be really overdone, humorous and most of all recognizable. I’ve captured all the photos with a fisheye lens. This lens is an extreme wide angle lens. A fisheye lens distorts the view and causes a really extravagant image. With my overdone facial expressions I wanted to bring humor to the photos and I also wanted to show that you don’t always have to look beautiful in pictures.

The nine struggles that I captured are (in random order):
- Too many clothes, so not knowing what to wear
- Painting your nails, one hand is perfect the other is a mess.
- Putting on eyeliner
- Straightening your hair
- Putting on lipstick
- Binge eating when you’re on your period
- Having a big pimple on your nose
- Walking downstairs with heals
- Bad hair day


“Dobar dan, my name is Théo, I’m 22 years old and I come from France. Since last October, I’m EVS volunteer for Carpe Diem (Grabrik, Karlovac). I want to present you this international photography exhibtion. With this exhibition we celebrate the cities all around Europe as Karlovac, Vienna, Budapest, or Zagreb through the eyes of different participants from Croatia, France, Ukraine and others. With “City Lights”, I wanted to show the relation, the link between the people and the cities where they live, lived, or traveled. You can discover it through the stories the different participants join to the picture they send me.”


Exhibition of photographs of students from Academy of Drama Arts is an exhibition by four students from the Academy in Zagreb who all participated in Youth Photo Week. Among them are three ormer winners – Lili Zaneta, Hanah Šoprek and Sara Filipa Delić who have presented themselves to the Karlovac audience through their best photographs.


Exhibition of photographs “Zvuk” which gathers photographic works from all continents and unites them through the subject of sound. The exhibited works contain various abstractions related to sound, as well as musical instruments and dance characteristic to the region the photographer came from.


Karlovac beauties in swimsuits of the latest fashion at the Foginovo beach from the time of charleston and tang. The spirit and worldview of the city of Karlovac in the summer months of the 1930s to the beginning of the Second World War, when it became history and a myth to which we all love to return to by seeing the 20-ish large format photographs (90x60cm) rom the collection of the KAfotka.net website.