Additional Youth Photo Week Programme: PickUp Music Festival after party at Music Pavilion and Award Ceremony for the best young photographers

Once again, Youth Photo Week is full of surprises with their additional programmes. After the concert of Let3 and Jinx at PickUp Music Festival, on Saturday the 12th of August at Music Pavilion there will be PickUp Music Festival after party and spectacular closing of the Festival in Atrium of Karlovac University on 14th of August.

One more time, Youth Photo Week is full of surprises with numerous additional programmes for both participants of the Festiva and for all people of Karlovac. After two exciting evenings of PickUp Music Festival with Let3 and Jinx, on Saturday the 12th of August there will be PickUp Music Festival after party with the jam session of musicians from Karlovac. Along with the photo exhibition and music, Dr Franjo Tuđman Promenade will be turned into a beautiful gallery. In a park in front of Edison cinema will also be placed a film screen, the biggest so far in Karlovac. On a screen, which will be 11 meters wide, will be shown some of the best Youth Photo Week photos so the Promenade will liven up with this digital exhibition.

The organizers of Youth Photo Week are also preparing the spectacular closing of the Festival in the Atrium of the University of Karlovac. Along with the announcement of the Best photographers in three categories (Touristic photo, Artistic photo and Promo photo), the Best photographer of the Youth Photo Week will also be announced. The jury (Lili Zaneta, Dinko Neskusil and Denis Stošić) will decide who are the best young photographers so that they could be appropriately awarded. Except for the Ceremony, the closing will be enriched with Art and Music programme and will be opened to the public. There, you can see Robert Pajić playing the saxophone, Karlo Kralj and Josip Petrunić playing the vibraphone and drums, sisters Marta and Lucija Lugarić playing the flute with vocals of Mirna and Maja Radočaj, followed by Marko Plavetić’s guitar. For one evening the Atrium of the University of Karlovac will become the centre of creative and artistic energy of young people from Karlovac and Youth Photo Week participants from all over the world. The Award Ceremony and the closing of Youth Photo Week will be on the 14th of August at 21:00.


Instead of One Big Mob band, who were supposed to have the concert on Friday the 11th after the Jinx, because of the injury of one member of the band, the Double D acoustics are gonna take their place. So, if you enjoy the unique sound they are the band for you. They are Petar Štrok and Damir Debelić, two young but experienced musicians who play famous hits in their own version. They already have a big number of concerts behind them and more 400 re-made songs. They are playing rock, pop-rock, funk, blues and ex-yu songs. If you ask them, what makes them different is the way they feel what they are playing.